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April 7 MLB Roundup: No Lead Is Safe

Obviously, Monday’s biggest sports story had nothing to do with baseball. As we predicted less than a month ago, the Kansas Jayhawks knocked off the Memphis Tigers in overtime, 75-68, to be crowned the collegiate national champions for the first time since 1988.

It was an incredible back-and-forth affair, as neither team could seemingly pull away when it took the lead. It wasn’t until late in the second half, when the Tigers took a nine-point advantage with 2:12 left on the clock, that the game looked to be in hand. Kansas had chosen to foul Robert Dozier, with its apparent game plan being to exploit what was perceived to be Memphis’s glaring weakness, foul shooting. But when Dozier sank both shots, the game looked to be over.

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Kansas Wins National Championship

#1 Kansas Jayhawks 75, #1 Memphis Tigers 68 (Final, Overtime)

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Told You So: Kansas and Memphis To Play For National Championship

Exciting times here at Merrill Park Superstar headquarters, as with wins by the Memphis Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks in Saturday’s National Semifinals, the wacky formula that we’ve been working on throughout much of the 2007-08 college basketball season is actually starting to look like a pretty useful tool for predicting the likely outcomes of college games.

The wacky formula, which as press of time lacks a more clever name or even a more descriptive name, has correctly projected the Final Four (not a big stunner) and the teams that are to compete in the National Championship game on Monday. It also had Davidson reaching the Elite Eight. The big issue I found with that bracket, which you can view here, is that the formula called for a lot of first round upsets that didn’t pan out.

I actually kind of saw that coming before the tournament began, though, and decided that I needed to modify the formula a bit. As mentioned in this post, I noticed last year that the Pythagorean theorem of basketball was fairly reliable in predicting the tournament. Whereas the wacky formula figured North Carolina and Kansas would end up in the finals, Pythagoras did a little bit better, forecasting a Florida-Texas A&M showdown. The Gators, of course, went on to win their second straight NCAA Championship a year ago.

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March Madness: Conference USA Tournament Projection


The time is at hand for the 2008 Memphis Invitational Tournament. The class of Conference USA will play a series of virtual home games against the second- and third-tiers of the conference as those teams fight for their Big Dance lives.

Memphis has had a few scares in Conference USA play, so it’s entirely possible that they’ll stumble in the tournament given that they won’t exactly need to be playing with a sense of urgency in this tournament. Of course, the Tigers could beat, at the very least, the vast majority of the other teams in the conference without giving their best effort. The disparity is just that great. Add in the fact that the entire tournament will be taking place at the Fed-Ex Forum in Memphis, and it just makes the #2 team in the country that much more formidable.

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Amateur Bracketology: South Region

Please feel free to post your comments regarding my first attempt at projecting the field and pairings of this year’s NCAA tournament. Keep in mind that these projections reflect games through February 24.

First and Second Rounds:
Little Rock, Arkansas:
#1 Memphis vs. #16 Morgan State
#8 Mississippi vs. #9 Butler

Birmingham, Alabama:
#5 Xavier vs. #12 Kent State
#4 Marquette vs. #13 Virginia Tech

Omaha, Nebraska:
#6 West Virginia vs. #11 Drake
#3 Kansas State vs. #14 Winthrop

Washington, D.C.:
#7 Western Kentucky vs. #10 Indiana
#2 Duke vs. #15 Oral Roberts

South Regional to be played in Houston, Texas. Winner of South Regional to meet winner of Midwest Regional in Final Four in San Antonio, Texas.

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Amateur Bracketologist Preview: North Carolina Probable #1 Overall Seed

I’m about halfway through the number crunching — I started with the power conferences — and have discovered that the likely #1 overall seed in this year’s NCAA tournament will be North Carolina. They’re projected to be joined by Memphis, Kansas and UCLA. Despite Tennessee’s win on Saturday, the top team in the nation (not for long) was projected to wind up with a #2 seed based on numbers accumulated prior to February 25.

A full report is coming once I get done with the mid-majors, and there are some surprises in terms of seeding.

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In An Effort To Keep Those Negative Hits Coming, We Follow Up On Our Earlier Post


The Tennessee Volunteers will replace the Memphis Tigers as the #1 ranked team in the country next week following their 66-62 win over the team that currently holds that title. The game certainly lived up to the hype, evolving from a high-scoring track meet early on to an every-possession-is-crucial dog fight down the stretch. From the looks of things, both teams left everything they had out on the floor Saturday night, and it so happened that the team entering the game as the second-ranked team in the nation was slightly better than the previously undefeated Tigers. That may or may not be the case again if and when these two teams meet down the road, with, frankly, a lot more on the line.

Being the top-ranked team in the Associated Press poll is surely a great honor for any college basketball program, but in the end, a team can be the consensus best in the land for the whole year. It doesn’t much matter if they don’t get the job done in March (and April).

To that end, I earlier proposed that there were a few games on Saturday’s slate that had to the potential to, in reality, be bigger — or at least more significant — in terms of the Big Dance than the Tennessee-Memphis encounter. After the jump, we follow up on the outcomes of those games.

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