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Me Against The National League Central

This is probably the sleep deprivation talking, but I think I could put up a better winning percentage in picking Major League Baseball games than the best team in the worst division in the Big Leagues will put up after its 162-game season.

So I’m throwing it down right now, when I’m good and tired. I already lost to a video game in college football picks, leading to a self-imposed ban on picking college football games. Why not open myself up to a beating from the cream of the NL Central crop as well?

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Amateur Bracketology Revisited: Quick and Dirty Sleep Deprived Edition

I couldn’t sleep, so I figured that instead of counting sheep, I could take another crack at what the bracket is going to end up looking like before its release on Sunday.

I was looking for a graphical version that I could just fill in the names and upload, but it looks like it might be a little more complicated than that. So, while I might bust out Photoshop tomorrow in a vain attempt to make my bracket look prettier (it may be the no sleep talking, but I’ll probably update my bracket throughout the afternoon if need be), right now it’s going to be all text, all the time.

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