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Follow-Up: Pat Riley Down To One Ball

Several weeks ago, I posted a link to a story about Pat Riley’s decision to flee the scene of the crime against basketball known as the 2007-08 Miami Heat to check out some enjoyable games, namely the ones in the NCAA Tournament that involved Michael Beasley (and O.J. Mayo!)

The money quote there, in my estimation, was this underrated gem:

“I happen to have two titles but it’s one job,” Riley said of holding the dual title of team president. “I have to balance both balls here.”

Well, I am sad to report that Riley has decided he is no longer capable of keeping both balls aloft.

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Pat Riley Leaves Team, Citing Ball Imbalance


Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley, like so many Americans each year, has decided to take off from work so he can better immerse himself in March Madness. Perhaps he’s not as out of touch as previously believed.

Heat coach Pat Riley said Thursday he plans to step away from the team briefly to scout college players in upcoming conference tournaments.

Riley said the hiatuses would begin next week and did not name which of his assistants would coach amid his absences. Ron Rothstein guided the team last season for six weeks when Riley underwent hip and knee surgeries.

This will mark the third time in as many seasons Riley will not coach a full schedule.

Obviously, with the Heat’s continued struggles, the team is going to have a high pick in next year’s NBA draft, so Riley’s excuse to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible has some validity to it. It also comes with the territory of simultaneously holding coaching and executive responsibilities. Or, as Riley put it:

“I happen to have two titles but it’s one job,” Riley said of holding the dual title of team president. “I have to balance both balls here.”

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Shaq-Kobe V Tonight…


Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant will share a court tonight for the first time in over two years when O’Neal makes his Phoenix Suns debut against Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. These two have quite a history, both on and off the floor. Here, however, are the notable measurables from their four regular season head-to-head meetings, in which Shaq’s team has prevailed three times:

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Miami Heat Hit Reset Button


If you’ve ever sat down to watch a Miami heat game, observed the mediocre game of big man Udonis Haslem, and said to yourself, “Well, nobody’ll ever confuse him with Shaq,” the Atlanta Hawks statistics department might be interested in speaking with you following the NBA’s decision to replay the final 51.9 seconds of December 17’s Heat-Hawks game after Shaquille O’Neal was wrongly disqualified from the game. From the AP:

The Hawks were leading 112-111 in overtime when O’Neal was called for a foul. The scoring table personnel, who are provided by the home team, ruled it was the Miami center’s sixth foul, when actually it was only his fifth.

According to the league, the mistake stemmed from a foul with 3:24 remaining in the fourth quarter that was called on Udonis Haslem but was mistakenly credited to O’Neal at the scoring table.

Stern ruled the Hawks “failed to follow league-mandated scoring procedures and failed to respond effectively when the members of the statisticians’ crew noticed the mistake,” the NBA said in a statement.

Shaq will have another chance to foul out on March 8, when the game resumes in Atlanta.

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