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Tuesday Roundup: Bastards, Boobies, Chris Simon and Weed

I’m taking another break from the tedious data entry that comes with trying one’s hand at bracketology, and figured I’d at least throw up another post in an effort to generate or maintain at least some traffic while I focus the majority of my efforts on trying to project the entire 65-team field before falling flat on my face when I attempt to project a winner of the entire thing when the bracket is released on Selection Sunday (I nail it every ten years, exactly — witness UCLA in ’95 and North Carolina in ’05. Why I’m admitting this, I don’t know. Please come back and visit before 2015).

Since I want to get back to crunching numbers (God, what a geek) quickly, brevity shall be the key. Here, then, is a list of links to some of the top stories in the day in sports:

  • Running back Kevin Faulk, of the 18-1 AFC Champion New England Patriots, was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession on Friday night. (ProJo Pats Blog)
  • Run DMC has made a lot of babies. (Miami Herald)
  • “So you’ve got something to look at while you’re talking to them!” (New York Daily News)
  • Yao Ming is done for the year. (AP)
  • Chris Simon was traded on NHL Trade Deadline Day. (Newsday)
  • As were many others. (TSN)

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Merrill Park Superstar: IT DOES OTHER THINGS

A big story is a big story, so yes, here is even more Mitchell Report-related information. This time it’s the fallout.

Since all of this Mitchell Report nonsense is starting to overtake the blog, I’m starting to feel obligated to write about something that isn’t baseball. If nothing else, you can look for a preview of this weekend’s North Carolina-Rutgers game since I’ll be in attendance for that one. Given the fact that I’ve seen portions of a single UNC game and not a single minute of Scarlet Knights basketball to this point in the season, that promises to provide some sound analysis.

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