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Today Was A Nice Day To Take Up Smoking (Box Scores and Picks for 4/10)

Busy day today — not a lot of time to watch baseball (or sports of any kind). It was a nice day out today, and so I spent the day the way most people my age would — by hauling bags filled with sticks from one property to another in preparation for a garbage pickup that I later learned wouldn’t take place until Tuesday.

This session proved taxing on my afternoon and evening baseball viewing time. Admittedly, I chose to watch the return of The Office instead of the Phillies-Mets game that was available to me (what can I say? I’m a fan of Ken Tremendous’s writing), which also cut down on my viewing time. Ultimately, I was only able to catch a couple innings of the Royals-Yankees game, which was highlighted by the triumphant return to the Major Leagues of Hideo Nomo (well, that really depends on your definition of triumphant. At least nobody got hurt.)

Other than that, I kind of slacked today. I didn’t even apply myself to my goal of taking up smoking. All in all, a beautiful day was wasted by my being outside. May it never happen again.

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