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MLB Preview: American League Central

Well, after playing beat the clock to produce the AL East and AL West predictions, I took a couple days off from the blog (‘ja miss me?) to embark on the exciting world of municipal reporting. Yeah, journalism!

Anyway, having completed my real world assignments, I’m back to competing with time as I try to fire out the remaining four MLB previews before Opening Night/Day.

It would probably make sense, then, to start off this next set with the National League East, seeing as how the Nationals will open their new stadium tomorrow night by hosting the Atlanta Braves on Sunday Night Baseball. However, I still have a little bit of unfinished business with the American League, namely the AL Central. I never got around to finishing the AL off last week as I had hoped. So I figured, in the interest of symmetry and/or completeness, that I would get that preview out of the way first before graduating to the Senior Circuit.

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