Follow-Up: Pat Riley Down To One Ball

Several weeks ago, I posted a link to a story about Pat Riley’s decision to flee the scene of the crime against basketball known as the 2007-08 Miami Heat to check out some enjoyable games, namely the ones in the NCAA Tournament that involved Michael Beasley (and O.J. Mayo!)

The money quote there, in my estimation, was this underrated gem:

“I happen to have two titles but it’s one job,” Riley said of holding the dual title of team president. “I have to balance both balls here.”

Well, I am sad to report that Riley has decided he is no longer capable of keeping both balls aloft.

The Sun-Sentinel has the scoop:

In a move that took days of deliberation but was hinted at months in advance, Riley announced today he is stepping down as coach of the Heat to concentrate fulltime on what had been his dual role as team president.

The announcement was made at an afternoon news conference at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Assistant coach Erik Spoelstra was named Riley’s replacement.

Regretfully, there were no “money quotes” — or any quotes at all — from Riley in the article. Still, it wasn’t a complete bust for childish individuals such as myself:

I voted for the hair one! LOL!


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