Today Was A Nice Day To Take Up Smoking (Box Scores and Picks for 4/10)

Busy day today — not a lot of time to watch baseball (or sports of any kind). It was a nice day out today, and so I spent the day the way most people my age would — by hauling bags filled with sticks from one property to another in preparation for a garbage pickup that I later learned wouldn’t take place until Tuesday.

This session proved taxing on my afternoon and evening baseball viewing time. Admittedly, I chose to watch the return of The Office instead of the Phillies-Mets game that was available to me (what can I say? I’m a fan of Ken Tremendous’s writing), which also cut down on my viewing time. Ultimately, I was only able to catch a couple innings of the Royals-Yankees game, which was highlighted by the triumphant return to the Major Leagues of Hideo Nomo (well, that really depends on your definition of triumphant. At least nobody got hurt.)

Other than that, I kind of slacked today. I didn’t even apply myself to my goal of taking up smoking. All in all, a beautiful day was wasted by my being outside. May it never happen again.

Tampa Bay Rays 7, Seattle Mariners 0
Cincinnati Reds 4, Milwaukee Brewers 1
Texas Rangers 3, Baltimore Orioles 1 (Game One)
Texas Rangers 5, Baltimore Orioles 4 (Game Two)
Boston Red Sox 12, Detroit Tigers 6
Chicago Cubs 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 3
Oakland Athletics 3, Toronto Blue Jays 2 (12 innings)
Florida Marlins 4, Washington Nationals 3
New York Mets 4, Philadelphia Phillies 3 (12 innings)
New York Yankees 6, Kansas City Royals 1
San Francisco Giants 5, St. Louis Cardinals 1

The days weren’t so nice in Denver and Chicago, as the White Sox had their game with the Twins rained out. The Rockies and Braves, meanwhile, were snowed out. Seriously.

I think maybe I overreacted yesterday with my plan to take up smoking as a way to gain, if nothing else, a mental edge against my competition in the NL Central. Yesterday’s pick set was to be the final pre-nicotine one, but given the events of today, and how busy everything was, what a nice day it was, how I was running all over, etc., etc., I didn’t have the opportunity to buy any Marlboro Reds as promised. Luckily (or should I say skillfully), I was able to post an 8-3 overall record in the latest pick set, thereby allowing me to leap back over the .500 mark and tranquilize my fears that this project had gone from just being a bad idea to a complete disaster two weeks into the season.

As such, I will make yet another set of picks and hope for the best. I’ve calmed down considerably from last night’s decision to start smoking, which may have been a bit rash.

Anyway, here are those picks, followed by the updated competition standings.

Cincinnati Reds over Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs over Philadelphia Phillies
Cleveland Indians over Oakland Athletics
Milwaukee Brewers over New York Mets
Tampa Bay Rays over Baltimore Orioles
Atlanta Braves over Washington Nationals
Texas Rangers over Toronto Blue Jays
Houston Astros over Florida Marlins
Kansas City Royals over Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers over Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks over Colorado Rockies
Seattle Mariners over Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
St. Louis Cardinals over San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres over Los Angeles Dodgers

Merrill Park Superstar vs. National League Central Standings:
St. Louis Cardinals (7-3) .700
Milwaukee Brewers (6-3) .666
Chicago Cubs (6-3) .666
Cincinnati Reds (6-4) .600
Merrill Park Superstar (72-68) .514
Pittsburgh Pirates (3-6) .333
Houston Astros (3-7) .300


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