Amateur Bracketology Revisited: Quick and Dirty Sleep Deprived Edition

I couldn’t sleep, so I figured that instead of counting sheep, I could take another crack at what the bracket is going to end up looking like before its release on Sunday.

I was looking for a graphical version that I could just fill in the names and upload, but it looks like it might be a little more complicated than that. So, while I might bust out Photoshop tomorrow in a vain attempt to make my bracket look prettier (it may be the no sleep talking, but I’ll probably update my bracket throughout the afternoon if need be), right now it’s going to be all text, all the time.

#1 North Carolina (#1 overall seed) vs. Play-In Winner (Coppin State vs. Mississippi Valley State)
#8 Pittsburgh vs. #9 New Mexico
#4 Stanford vs. #13 Oral Roberts
#5 Butler vs. #12 Cal State Fullerton
#3 Georgetown vs. #14 George Mason
#6 Indiana vs. #11 Kentucky
#7 St. Mary’s vs. #10 Florida
#2 Texas vs. #15 Portland State

#1 UCLA vs. #16 UT Arlington
#8 Michigan State vs. #9 South Alabama
#4 West Virginia vs. #13 Boise State
#5 Louisville vs. #12 St. Joseph’s
#3 Clemson vs. #14 San Diego
#6 Vanderbilt vs. #11 Oklahoma
#7 Texas A&M vs. #10 UNLV
#2 Tennessee vs. #15 Belmont

#1 Memphis vs. #16 Mount St. Mary’s
#8 Western Kentucky vs. #9 Baylor
#4 Gonzaga vs. #13 Temple
#5 Connecticut vs. #12 Southern California
#3 Marquette vs. #14 Winthrop
#6 BYU vs. #11 Arizona State
#7 Kansas State vs. #10 Miami (FL)
#2 Wisconsin vs. #15 American

#1 Kansas vs. #16 Austin Peay
#8 Davidson vs. #9 Arkansas
#4 Xavier vs. #13 Kent State
#5 Drake vs. #12 Cornell
#3 Notre Dame vs. #14 Siena
#6 Washington State vs. #11 Mississippi
#7 Mississippi State vs. #10 Purdue
#2 Duke vs. #15 UMBC

East Regional Winner vs. West Regional Winner
South Regional Winner vs. Midwest Regional Winner

Big East: 7
SEC: 7
Big 12: 6
Pac 10: 5
ACC: 4
Big Ten: 4
Mountain West: 3
West Coast: 3
Atlantic 10: 3
Sun Belt: 2

Arizona State
Southern California
Saint Joseph’s

Virginia Tech



  1. Greg said

    I like your projections. Being from MD, I think the smaller schools(UMBC, Mt. St. Mary’s, Coppin) should play a #1 seed closer to home so that they might have a fan base and can enjoy the moment…..before the game starts. If NC loses today, will Memphis move up to #1 overall seed. I don’t think they will take UCLA out of the West.

    Do you ever sleep?

  2. Kevin said

    Thanks for the comments. I didn’t bother to assign the sets of games to the early-round locations since I actually did become drowsy while figuring all of this out. I imagine a few of the small schools are going to have some traveling to do. I agree, though, that it’d be cool to have the smaller schools be the ones playing closer to home in the Dance. I went to Monmouth University, and a few years back we played Villanova about an hour away in Philly, and when we put a scare into them, the small MU contingent suddenly grew and what was supposed to be a virtual home crowd for Nova turned into a pro-Monmouth crowd.

    Assuming Clemson knocks off North Carolina, Memphis would become my number one overall seed. (We won’t have to wait too long to see if this actually happens.)

    And I do sleep, but at bizarre hours.

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