The Mitchell Report: Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown pitched for six teams in Major League Baseball between 1986 and 2005, the Texas Rangers (8 seasons), Baltimore Orioles (1 season), Florida Marlins (2 seasons), San Diego Padres (1 season), Los Angeles Dodgers (5 seasons), and New York Yankees (2 seasons). He played in six All-Star games. He was the San Diego Padres Player of the Year in 1998 and the Los Angeles Dodgers Player of the Year in 1999.

Radomski said that Paul Lo Duca referred Brown to him in 2000 or 2001 when Brown and Lo Duca were teammates with the Dodgers. Brown called Radomski and they spoke about human growth hormone for one or two hours. Radomski said that Brown was “very knowledgeable” about human growth hormone. Brown was placed on the disabled list in June 2001 with a neck injury and in July 2001 with an elbow injury. After Brown got hurt, he called Radomski again and asked for human growth hormone.

Radomski said that he sent human growth hormone to Brown by overnight mail and called Brown several times to make sure he had received it. Brown finally returned Radomski’s call and confirmed he had received it. Soon thereafter, Radomski returned home one day to find an express delivery package from Brown on his doorstep, wet from the rain. When he opened it, he found that it contained $8,000 in cash. Radomski called Brown and told him not to check the signature waiver box on the overnight delivery package when he was sending cash, because the envelope was left on Radomski’s doorstep for several hours and could have been taken.

According to Radomski, over the next two or three years he sold performance enhancing substances to Brown five or six times. Radomski recalled that Brown usually purchased multiple kits of human growth hormone. Brown sent cash, sometimes as much as $10,000, to Radomski by overnight mail, and he used his agent’s business address as the return address. At one point, Brown asked Radomski for Deca-Durabolin to help with an ailing elbow, and Radomski sold it to him. (In 2002, Brown was placed on the disabled list with an elbow injury.)

Brown’s name, with an address and several telephone numbers, is listed in the address book seized from Radomski’s residence by federal agents. Agents also seized an Express Mail receipt dated June 7, 2004 addressed to “Kevin Brown, [address].” A copy of that receipt is included in the Appendix and is shown below.

In the notes of the October 2003 meetings among Dodgers officials, it was
reportedly said of Brown:

Kevin Brown – getting to the age of nagging injuries . . . Question
what kind of medication he takes . . . Effectiveness goes down
covering 1st base or running bases. Common in soccer players and
are more susceptible if you take meds to increase your muscles –
doesn’t increase the attachments. Is he open to adjusting how he
takes care of himself? He knows he now needs to do stuff before
coming to spring training to be ready. Steroids speculated by

Less than two months later, the Dodgers traded Brown to the Yankees. In order to provide Brown with information about these allegations and to give him an opportunity to respond, I asked him to meet with me; he declined.


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